Destiny 2 Concept Art Shows Worlds, Weapons, and More

Destiny 2 Concept Art Shows Worlds, Weapons, and More

When Destiny 2 launches in September, it looks to deliver more of what Destiny is known for—new worlds, weapons, gear, subclasses, enemies, and more. A new collection of concept art for Destiny 2 shows off just that, detailing some places players will travel, loot they’ll collect, powers they will discover, and new enemies to face.

First up, this E3 Bungie gave gamers a closer look at Destiny 2‘s big baddie, Dominus Ghaul. As spotted in the E3 trailer for the game, Ghaul is a massive Cabal leader, which can also be seen in this concept of him.

destiny 2 ghaul concept size

In addition to Ghaul, another concept piece shows off a Cabal ship, similar to what was shown in the Homecoming story mission, where players board one of these ships to face Ghaul as he moves in on the Last City.

destiny concept cabal ship

Just as the official reveal trailer for Destiny 2 ends with the line “there will be plenty of loot,” many fans will be eager to see some of the new weapons and gear they will be able to earn for their Guardian. The new concept art includes 3D renders of a Veist scout rifle, with Veist being a new weapon foundry being added to the franchise along with others like SUROS and Omolon.

Additional pieces of concept art show off a hand cannon (spot the old FOTC or Forces of the City insignia just above the grip) and a stunning Hunter cloak featuring the new snake logo for that class.

destiny 2 veist concept

destiny 2 hand cannon concept

destiny 2 concept art hunter cloak

Destiny is also known for its worlds that players can explore. Destiny 2 is promising to take players to four new world zones, which are said to be filled with more things to do and discover like Lost Sectors and Adventures. These next pieces of concept art show off those four new worlds.

First up, starting close to home, is the European Dead Zone, a new zone on Earth that houses Destiny 2‘s new social space called the Farm. The EDZ, as it is sometimes shortened to, is said to be Destiny‘s biggest world ever created, more than double anything Bungie has created in the past.

destiny 2 eurpoean dead zone concept

Next is Titan, a moon of Saturn, which is completely covered in water. This is where Commander Zavala flees to after the Cabal attack the Last City. The player will traverse through structures that are built above the water, but Bungie says that Guardians will also have to descend into the depths of Titan where they will find claustrophobic corridors and another landscape to explore.

destiny 2 titan concept art

After that is Nessus, which is a large asteroid that has been claimed by the Vex and has become one of their machine worlds. Its jungle, with its unique vegetation, was apparently created by the Vex. This is where players will find Cayde-6.

destiny 2 nessis concept

Finally, Io is a moon of Jupiter and is said to be the last place the Traveler touched in the solar system. It is where players will find Ikora Rey, who is apparently in this place that is extremely meaningful (maybe even sacred) to Warlocks because of the Traveler’s interactions with it.

destiny 2 io concept

Moving on from the world zones, this next concept art offers a look at some of the subclasses in the game, including the new Arcstriker subclass.

destiny 2 arcstrider concept

destiny 2 gunslinger concept

destiny 2 striker concept

And to close it out, there’s this beautiful concept art that appears to show a parade of Guardians through the Last City. It’s unclear if this ever appears in the game itself, or it just shows a scenario that happened (or could happen) in the lore of the game.

destiny 2 concept art parade

e3 2017 button link image

Destiny 2 releases September 6, 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One, then on PC on October 24.

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