A Beginners Guide To

Stages Involved in The Divorce Process.

Couples who don’t seem to have a lasting marriage can end it formally by a divorce. For a divorce to be official some steps have to be followed as required by the law. The first process that usually takes place when this becomes the only solution for either or both parties in the marriage is filing of a petition. Part of the content of a divorce petition presented is that showing a spouse has met some of the requirements for a divorce. This provision of information that serves as content of the petition is normally done with the help of a legal professional.

The next stage involves requesting of temporary orders. Divorce process is long and this might not sit well with some spouses This is because maybe it affects different areas of their lives and they need to get over and done with the procedure because of other important issues. A court is able to issue temporary orders to ensure the applicants concerns are addressed.

What follows is a spouse is served and the other spouse waits for the served spouse to respond. The content of this document has led to it being identified as proof of service This document identifies you as a person capable of issuing a divorce petition to your spouse Completion of this stage allows for going to the next stage of the divorce. There are many options of doing this. The person served is supposed to show they received the petition in a formal manner. A specific period of time is used by the spouse to avail the reply to the service before a court of law.

Some things are not easy to agree on by couples. Couples have to come to an agreement so that this stage can be completed. Due to the delicate state of such matters third parties may need to be brought. They should be neutral and should ensure that they provide the best way of coming to an agreement. The lawyers of these couple can carry out mediation to create understanding. The parties coming to an understanding helps the spouses come to an agreement.

After mediation stage a divorce trial can commence. Failure of reaching a consensus is what leads to a trial. The court in this case through the content of the constitution listen to both parties and assess the situation. After listening to both parties the court makes a ruling on the diviorce. It is done by signing a document known as judgment of divorce. This document shows that a marriage is finally over. This document also shows how the parenting of children will be done.