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Why Stem Cell Therapy May Offer a Solution in the Treatment of COVID-19
There are several lines of thought that are currently being investigated towards finding a solution to fighting COVID-19. Whole most of the current solutions are focusing on signs, almost all lack a recovery strategy bearing in mind that lungs suffer critical damage during the attack. Stem cell therapy is one of the most recent research that is very promising on COVID-19 treatment as they can help end inflammation and also regenerate the lung damage caused by the disease in question. It may be critical to note that stem cell interventions have already shown so much potential in the management of COVID-19 especially when used with other methods. It may be used with other methods to ensure lung regeneration increasing chances of recovery.
It is also worth noting that the clove shaped spikes are protein complexes and tends to mediate entry into host cells. Once the virus is in the host body, it tends to begin to replicate especially in the lungs. One of the most attacked parts of the body by COVID-19 include the lungs. The great damage caused on the lungs would demand special intervention especially in its management.
Even while there are several research avenues that may be in the process of finding a lasting solution towards the treatment of COVID-19, stem cell has shown that it has more benefits when compared to the effects that come with the treatment. There are high chances of survival for patients who opt to go for stem cell treatment especially bearing in mind that it may offer a more permanent solution towards treatment of COVID-19. There is so much damage caused by COVID-19 especially to the lungs something that stem cell therapy may help in reversing.
It would be critical to remember that all the current intevertion as palliative in nature. There are so many short comings in most of the current solutions to COVID-19. The current remedies are only used for supportive care symptomatic cases. With management of cytokine storm in the lungs being one of the major problems in the treatment of COVID-19, stem cell therapy may be a solution bearing in mind of the anti-inflammatory and immunodulatory properties of cytokine. Genetically engineered induced pluripotent stem cells has been one of the areas where the specialists have narrowed on in the search for COVID-19 cure. Bearing in mind that stem cell therapy has higher efficacy and safety when compared to other avenues being worked on towards the treatment of COVID-19, it may be the future of the treatment of COVID-19.
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